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When I became a resident of Second Life, one year ago today, there were 165,000 others just like me. Today, there are over 4.8 million. Wow.



I was map-skimming yesterday, looking for interesting sims to drop on, when I saw one called Sunbelt Software Island. I found a notice at the telehub of the crisply built sim (replicating Sunbelt Software’s real life HQ in Clearwater, Florida). The notice encouraged visitors to enter a contest; the prize – a free copy of their highly-rated Counterspy V2. Today I was contacted by Sunbelter Stu Source, and hey, I won. Thanks!

[Here is a not half bad article on Sunbelt’s entree into SL by Misty McConachie at SLNN.]

In a quirk of Google Adsense irony, the Second Life Herald is running ads for (what some claim to be) the rival virtual-world platform There.

The There Herald - coming soon to a VW near you.


The CBC has reported on some (in my estimation) flawed research by Nick Yee of Stanford University. Here is Yee’s paper, which has just been published in the February 2007 issue of CyberPsychology & Behavior. Much discussion about this article is also to be found here, in response to Yee’s blog post about his research in August 2006. Here is my dissection, titled Eavesdropping in SL – The Unbearable Weight of Erroneous Assumptions, published in the Second Life Herald and reprinted after the jump. Continue reading ‘CBC Article Reports on Flawed Research’

The winner of the Electric Sheep Company and Edelman SL Business Plan contest was announced yesterday, with the top prize going to Market Truths, an established, real life market research firm who also provides their services to companies in Second Life.

Although I am sure their business plan was compelling, it would, in my opinion, have been more refreshing if the judges chose a company whose business was less, well, boring. However, a glimmer of hope continues to shine for innovative SL-based business as the mad scientists from Metaverse Technologies walked away with runner-up honors. The other runner-up team was Second Life Music Network, with honorable mention going to the fourth finalist, Second Life Names.

Are you one of the few who has only a single account in Second Life?

Yes? Well celebrate your alt free pride with a t-shirt. Pick one up for free here (<—SLurl) in SL, or buy a real one – that’s right! – a real one, here.

No? Well get a t-shirt anyway, no one will ever know.

Its about friggin’ time … Asus announced (at CES in January 07) that they will be producing an external PCI Express card ‘module’ called the XG Station so laptop users (like me) can realize much greater graphics performance in their gameplay.

xg_station.jpg Continue reading ‘External PCI Express video card module for laptops…’

The CBC has posted an AP story about SL going open source.

In a recently leaked report documenting a study on mice, it seems researchers have discovered injecting subject animals with a newly discovered enzyme that suppresses brain activity in the cerebral cortex (the part of the brain responsible for reasoning and critical thought – such as it in rodents) spend 74% more time staring blankly at the sides of their enclosures than those mice without R5-E9 enzyme injections. Continue reading ‘Protect yourself; drink Kool-Aid’




It might not be news but I stumbled across BMW promoting their Hydrogen 7 and H2R vehicles in SL on their sim BMW New World.


Not being a car expert I don’t know if these are prototype or production vehicles (here is a link I found – I cannot attest to its accuracy) and there was no one there to talk to, just a polite message saying: “Hi Fiend Ludwig, unfortunately we cannot welcome you personally right now. Please IM Munich Express with any questions you might have. Talk to you soon.” Sure, talk to you soon.



Located in the underbelly of Nexus Prime, the Last Round is my new favourite hangout. Continue reading ‘Cool Places in SL — The Last Round’

Despite the appearance of progress in the release notes, Second Life version 1.13 has to be update with the worst bugs ever! Not to be overly dramatic, but a release that has problems that include being unable to:

  • teleport and map-track
  • display your L$ balance [!]
  • use Search
  • show profile and groups info
  • change Friends permissions
  • rez (your avatar may appear invisible to yourself) [double !]
  • and other connected issues…

surely shows that something is terribly wrong with the QA at Linden Lab. I guess it is OK though, because Torley ‘warmly apologizes.’

Adrienne Arsenault, CBC-TV’s London correspondent, reports from SL – not too much Kool Aid here. Also links to some video of her talking to the real-life Adam Reuters, RRR folks, Tim Guest (author and SL philosopher??), and – surprise, surprise – some actual SL residents, on Canada’s national evening news (The National) . (You need friggin’ RealPlayer to watch though.)

Is the Second Life Herald a blog? Is it newspaper? Neither? Both?

It doesn’t matter. The core responsibilities of the reporter remain the same regardless of platform or label – informed and truthful observation of current events, insightful and informative commentary, and balanced criticism, bound together by a framework of ethical behavior. “Ethics.” you say, “A slippery fish.” “Well no, not really,” I say, “just a good old dose of common sense when it all boils down.”

But if you don’t like my metric, read on. Continue reading ‘Is it a blog? Is it a newspaper?’


For more RL meets SL and vice versa – read the press release after the break.

What makes these SL snappies worthy of display? Perhaps the fact that they are being presented as art in RL. I would be curious to know how many US$ they sell for. Check it out and decide for yourself.
Continue reading ‘More RL meets SL and vice versa’

** This article was published in an edited form in the Second Life Herald. **

** Here is the extended version, Director’s cut. **


SL Yosemite Valley

I recently asked a random cross-section of SL residents how they describe Second Life to friends and family.

“I don’t,” said Emma Hartmann in Sistiana. Continue reading ‘Yosemite (Extended version, Director’s cut)’

Welcome from the future. It looks, well, pretty much the same.

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Very interesting original art and literature.

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In a fortuitous turn of events, I won another stint as a kiosk tenant at the Luna Galleria (SLURL). You can buy my book of short verse – one – there. (only L$100)


Just had a quick chat with Adam Reuters. They are offering free Reuters News HUDs and have a dedicated SL website.

Worth a look.

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