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I like that you can’t die when skydiving in SL. The blood pool animation when you hit the ground (much) too hard is about as real as it gets. Or is it. Why would anyone want to skydive in SL when you can fly…?

Blake 2.0


Excerpt from The Tygr by W1ll1am Blak3: Tygr! Tygr! burn1ng br1ght In th3 for3st5 of th3 n1ght, What 1mmortal hand or 3y3 Could fram3 thy f3arful 5ymm3try? (The real thing.) My apologies to William Blake 1.0.

In a sum-up of the 2008 Second Life Community Convention (SLCC), Eric Reuters reported that “notably absent from the conference were any real-world businesses from outside the virtual worlds industry,” but that “the breakout star of SLCC was the burgeoning virtual world educational community.” As the platform matures, Second Life is proving to be a […]

Another Update: As predicted yet again, The Economist has devotedly referenced and linked to Second Life. This time in a August 2008 article (I predicted summer 2008 – bingo!) titled If you build it… (Lively, Google’s virtual world, has been a flop). This article about Google’s Lively virtual world ends up referencing SL almost as […]

Magic and wonder is on display from DanCoyote Antonelli and fellow Second Life artists at Kiss The Sky, a “definitive group exhibition of Hyperformalism” at the NMC Arts Lab [SLurl] .

Another Update: I am a regular Nostradamus! As predicted again, The Economist has once more referenced Second Life. This time in a March 2008 article – OK, so I predicted April, but I was only a couple of issues off – titled Break down these walls (History suggests that open standards will once again trump […]

Update: As predicted in the last sentence of the original post, The Economist has again referenced – and linked to! – Second Life. This time in a December 2007 article titled Getting serious (Virtual worlds are being put to serious real-world uses—and are starting to encounter some real-world problems). If the pattern holds, there will […]

The Economist magazine, described by its own (boastful, but arguably true) words, is “the premier online source for the analysis of world business and current affairs, providing authoritative insight and opinion on international news, world politics, business, finance, science and technology, as well as overviews of cultural trends and regular industry, business and country special […]

Fiend Ludwig and Typist are separated by the boundary of anonymity. Anonymity shields Typist from prying eyes and leaves him free to traverse his Real without concern of recognition or retribution. It deflects criticism and accountability. Fiend can say anything, however vile, and Typist can expect protection. Anonymity is Typist’s Charon. It carries his soul […]

I had a chance to have a quick chat via email with Camille Utterback after her talk at CADRE. Here are her thoughts: I’ve been thinking about what one of my installations would be like in Second Life with no absolute physics, and no ‘real’ bodies. It seems it would be very ‘meta’ – using […]

Camille Utterback speaks. In SL and rl. The day before yesterday I attended another in the series of Speaker Salons – this one featuring pioneering artist and programmer Camille Utterback – hosted by the The CADRE Laboratory for New Media at the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University, and simulcast in-world […]

Jeska Linden announced today that the new client being tested in the Beta grid no longer has the rating system where one resident can rate another positively in one (two, or all three for that matter) of three categories.

The New Priests


(Originally published in the Second Life Herald on March 6, 2007) Last night I was chatting with Pixeleen Mistral about the furor over Tenshi Vielle’s article. I asked her why she published it, because surely she must have foreseen the – more violent than average – storm the article would stir up. Pix replied, “Do […]

(Originally published in the Second Life Herald on November 29, 2006) Peace & Justice Center on Better World Island There has been so much furor lately over the minutiae of Second Life — CopyBot! CopyBot! — and endless parsing of how real-world interests interact or conflict with more native metaversal establishments and institutions — First! […]

The Awful Truth


(Originally published in the Second Life Herald on November 4, 2006) They are hiding something from me. I am sure now. Sure that my world is only partly realized, partly resolved. Sure that a superseding reality exists. I have suspected for some time – catching fleeting glimpses of the another place. For a while I […]

  The CBC has reported on some (in my estimation) flawed research by Nick Yee of Stanford University. Here is Yee’s paper, which has just been published in the February 2007 issue of CyberPsychology & Behavior. Much discussion about this article is also to be found here, in response to Yee’s blog post about his […]

The winner of the Electric Sheep Company and Edelman SL Business Plan contest was announced yesterday, with the top prize going to Market Truths, an established, real life market research firm who also provides their services to companies in Second Life. Although I am sure their business plan was compelling, it would, in my opinion, […]

Is the Second Life Herald a blog? Is it newspaper? Neither? Both? It doesn’t matter. The core responsibilities of the reporter remain the same regardless of platform or label – informed and truthful observation of current events, insightful and informative commentary, and balanced criticism, bound together by a framework of ethical behavior. “Ethics.” you say, […]

For more RL meets SL and vice versa – read the press release after the break. What makes these SL snappies worthy of display? Perhaps the fact that they are being presented as art in RL. I would be curious to know how many US$ they sell for. Check it out and decide for yourself.

** This article was published in an edited form in the Second Life Herald. ** ** Here is the extended version, Director’s cut. **   I recently asked a random cross-section of SL residents how they describe Second Life to friends and family. “I don’t,” said Emma Hartmann in Sistiana.