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I like that you can’t die when skydiving in SL. The blood pool animation when you hit the ground (much) too hard is about as real as it gets. Or is it. Why would anyone want to skydive in SL when you can fly…? Advertisements

In a sum-up of the 2008 Second Life Community Convention (SLCC), Eric Reuters reported that “notably absent from the conference were any real-world businesses from outside the virtual worlds industry,” but that “the breakout star of SLCC was the burgeoning virtual world educational community.” As the platform matures, Second Life is proving to be a […]

Magic and wonder is on display from DanCoyote Antonelli and fellow Second Life artists at Kiss The Sky, a “definitive group exhibition of Hyperformalism” at the NMC Arts Lab [SLurl] .

Located in the underbelly of Nexus Prime, the Last Round is my new favourite hangout.