Second Life in the Economist – again (this is too easy)!



Another Update: As predicted yet again, The Economist has devotedly referenced and linked to Second Life. This time in a August 2008 article (I predicted summer 2008 – bingo!) titled If you build it… (Lively, Google’s virtual world, has been a flop). This article about Google’s Lively virtual world ends up referencing SL almost as much as the the title topic. If the pattern continues, there will be another article around Christmas 2008.

2 Responses to “Second Life in the Economist – again (this is too easy)!”

  1. 1 Angus

    That article isn’t exactly fair on Lively or Google. The problem with Lively at the moment is that Google haven’t opened up the object building and room building functions to their user-base yet.

    Lively has many benefits over Second Life, like being able to embed a room which means that you can present Textual information in a much more effective form, and still provide the 3D experience, and also being able to keep your Lively content completely separate from other content (unlike in Second Life where all your content can be accessed simply by walking between regions, which makes unrelated links between information).

    Google need to make Lively more open, and also need to make it available for Mac and Linux Operating systems, if they make their platform a bit more open, all the issues that are discussed in that article wouldn’t be valid. Plus it’s only been half a year. An Second Life doesn’t have nearly the user stats that The Economist claim it has.

  2. Hi Angus –

    You may well be right. I have not actually checked out Lively. I don’t mean this post to be a review of Lively. Actually, I am currently fascinated by the regularity with which the Economist references Second Life. I am starting to think it is more than simply opportune reporting.

    Thanks for your comments.

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