Second Life in The Economist



The Economist magazine, described by its own (boastful, but arguably true) words, is “the premier online source for the analysis of world business and current affairs, providing authoritative insight and opinion on international news, world politics, business, finance, science and technology, as well as overviews of cultural trends and regular industry, business and country special reports.” And has, in the last 18 months, published five stories about (or mentioning) Second Life, several of which were also chosen to be read on the weekly “This Week In The Economist” podcast.

Although Economist articles are published anonymously, it is likely that all were written by Economist Bay Area-Technology Correspondent Andreas Kluth. Extensive (OK, not so extensive) investigation has failed to scent any whiff of editorial impropriety, and absolutely no evidence has been uncovered that the CEO of Linden Lab, Mr. Philip Rosedale, coerced Mr. Kluth to write such a slew of stories and shout-outs about his company. Maybe SL is simply rich fodder for the New Media journalist. Decide for yourself:

  • April 2006 Wonders of the metaverse – Straight-up reportage on SL, featuring Philip Linden making a swing!
  • September 2006 Living a Second Life – More direct SL reportage.
  • December 2006 Start me up – Correspondent’s Diary. LL is touted as one of “the Bay Area’s most interesting companies.”
  • April 2007 Devices and desires – Virtual sex, not just in SL, mind.
  • August 2007 Trouble in paradise – Ginko Financial.
  • Look for the next story around Christmastime.


    2 Responses to “Second Life in The Economist”

    1. Aha. We were forced to read The Economist for English class. Most of the time, I liked their articles, curious how they brought this ones. *goes to read* Thank you for mentioning!

    1. 1 Update - Second Life in The Economist « First Person : Second Life

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