[update] CADRE Speaker Salon – Camille Utterback


I had a chance to have a quick chat via email with Camille Utterback after her talk at CADRE. Here are her thoughts:

I’ve been thinking about what one of my installations would be like in Second Life with no absolute physics, and no ‘real’ bodies. It seems it would be very ‘meta’ – using a representation of your body/self in a simulated world to manipulate another screen based representation within this screen based representation. Russian dolls. Are there any mirrors in SL? It seems there’s no need since you’re looking at your representation from the outside all the time anyway?

In the non-SL world, my work feels magical because a representation seamlessly responds to you. There’s a tension between the ‘self’ and the on-screen representation. It seems SL is already creating this tension / pleasure inherently.The ‘outside-ness’ of seeing one’s representation is already built into SL, so I’m not sure how my work would be compelling on this level? Also, my installations are so much about one’s kinesthetic experience – I can’t figure out how this would translate into SL. Do people like doing other activities in SL for the visceral not social feel of them? Exercise, roller coasters for example?

Since people identify so strongly with their avatars though, I do think they would feel like it was ‘them’ who was catching letters in Text Rain, for example. Hmmm.

Hmmm indeed – interesting questions posed. Also, I like the characterization of the real world as the “non-SL world.” Thanks to Camille for these thoughts, and remember, still one CADRE Speaker Salon on the bill.


2 Responses to “[update] CADRE Speaker Salon – Camille Utterback”

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