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Cristiano Midnight has written an open letter and started a petition protesting the decline in stability and usability of Second Life over the last year and a half. He writes: project open letter was started after I read yet another open letter in a third party forum begging Linden Lab to fix myriad problems that […]

I had a chance to have a quick chat via email with Camille Utterback after her talk at CADRE. Here are her thoughts: I’ve been thinking about what one of my installations would be like in Second Life with no absolute physics, and no ‘real’ bodies. It seems it would be very ‘meta’ – using […]

Camille Utterback speaks. In SL and rl. The day before yesterday I attended another in the series of Speaker Salons – this one featuring pioneering artist and programmer Camille Utterback – hosted by the The CADRE Laboratory for New Media at the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University, and simulcast in-world […]

April 18, 2007. 5:33 PM SLT. Search/Events/Arts and Culture. DiscoQuinn Freeloader says: Come buy some of my Art, so I can afford to apply for art school! I need to make $600us for my application fee. But I am very poor and mentally ill in RL. (…) Kill, kill, kill in the name of looooove. […]

Jeska Linden announced today that the new client being tested in the Beta grid no longer has the rating system where one resident can rate another positively in one (two, or all three for that matter) of three categories.

James Morgan speaks to audiences in real and Second Life. The Ars Virtua New Media Center (Dowden, 45,59,51) has been simulcasting a series of Speaker Salons taking place at the The CADRE Laboratory for New Media at the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University. I attended the most recent, featuring CADRE […]

The New Priests


(Originally published in the Second Life Herald on March 6, 2007) Last night I was chatting with Pixeleen Mistral about the furor over Tenshi Vielle’s article. I asked her why she published it, because surely she must have foreseen the – more violent than average – storm the article would stir up. Pix replied, “Do […]

(Originally published in the Second Life Herald on November 29, 2006) Peace & Justice Center on Better World Island There has been so much furor lately over the minutiae of Second Life — CopyBot! CopyBot! — and endless parsing of how real-world interests interact or conflict with more native metaversal establishments and institutions — First! […]

The Awful Truth


(Originally published in the Second Life Herald on November 4, 2006) They are hiding something from me. I am sure now. Sure that my world is only partly realized, partly resolved. Sure that a superseding reality exists. I have suspected for some time – catching fleeting glimpses of the another place. For a while I […]

Over the next few days I will be posting some of my favourite pieces that have already been published elsewhere over the past year. Watch this space for a Fiend retrospective.