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  The CBC has reported on some (in my estimation) flawed research by Nick Yee of Stanford University. Here is Yee’s paper, which has just been published in the February 2007 issue of CyberPsychology & Behavior. Much discussion about this article is also to be found here, in response to Yee’s blog post about his […]

The winner of the Electric Sheep Company and Edelman SL Business Plan contest was announced yesterday, with the top prize going to Market Truths, an established, real life market research firm who also provides their services to companies in Second Life. Although I am sure their business plan was compelling, it would, in my opinion, […]

Are you one of the few who has only a single account in Second Life? Yes? Well celebrate your alt free pride with a t-shirt. Pick one up for free here (<—SLurl) in SL, or buy a real one – that’s right! – a real one, here. No? Well get a t-shirt anyway, no one […]