Worst SL update yet?…


Despite the appearance of progress in the release notes, Second Life version 1.13 has to be update with the worst bugs ever! Not to be overly dramatic, but a release that has problems that include being unable to:

  • teleport and map-track
  • display your L$ balance [!]
  • use Search
  • show profile and groups info
  • change Friends permissions
  • rez (your avatar may appear invisible to yourself) [double !]
  • and other connected issues…

surely shows that something is terribly wrong with the QA at Linden Lab. I guess it is OK though, because Torley ‘warmly apologizes.’


One Response to “Worst SL update yet?…”

  1. 1 Archie Lukas

    I’m afraid i have to agree, the amount of sudden collapses I have been experiencing sinece this update has been enormous.

    It happens to my friends in mid chat, about 3-5 times per evening session and we were snogging at the time.


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