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Despite the appearance of progress in the release notes, Second Life version 1.13 has to be update with the worst bugs ever! Not to be overly dramatic, but a release that has problems that include being unable to: teleport and map-track display your L$ balance [!] use Search show profile and groups info change Friends […]

Adrienne Arsenault, CBC-TV’s London correspondent, reports from SL – not too much Kool Aid here. Also links to some video of her talking to the real-life Adam Reuters, RRR folks, Tim Guest (author and SL philosopher??), and – surprise, surprise – some actual SL residents, on Canada’s national evening news (The National) . (You need […]

Is the Second Life Herald a blog? Is it newspaper? Neither? Both? It doesn’t matter. The core responsibilities of the reporter remain the same regardless of platform or label – informed and truthful observation of current events, insightful and informative commentary, and balanced criticism, bound together by a framework of ethical behavior. “Ethics.” you say, […]

For more RL meets SL and vice versa – read the press release after the break. What makes these SL snappies worthy of display? Perhaps the fact that they are being presented as art in RL. I would be curious to know how many US$ they sell for. Check it out and decide for yourself.