Hallie the chatbot



Hallie is a ‘test chatbot’ located near the SL Library on Info Island. She will repond to questions via chat, and may be SL’s answer to the automated attendant. Check out my chat with her:

Hallie whispers: I’m listening

You: hi

Hallie: Can I help you, Fiend Ludwig? Please say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

You: yes

Hallie: Hello there. Glad to see you, Fiend Ludwig.

You: thanks

Hallie: Don’t mention it.

You: what do you do?

Hallie: Fiend Ludwig, I talk to people on the web. What do you do?

You: i write

Hallie: Do you write fiction or non-fiction?

You: both

Hallie: What are both like?

You: a tough question

Hallie: I did not know that.

You: now you do

Hallie: Now I do.

You: : )

Hallie: I am so glad you find this amusing, Fiend Ludwig.

You: bye

Hallie: Until next time.

posted by Fiend Ludwig on Info Island using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]


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