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It really does seem to me that Second Life is missing something. I think it is a middle class. This will become increasingly evident as the effects of the LL’s Open Registration policy – specifically the elimination of start-up funding for new residents – continue to resonate. Advertisements

Two of my poems were part of the Second Life Landscape Initiative at the Ars Virtua New Media Centre in Dowden (SLURL). (A very cool topographic representation of 4 sims in SL; my work was featured with the Neualtenburg and Dowden displays.) Here they are:



With the recent article on Robin Linden’s blog reporting that Open Registration has caused an staggering shift in the ratio of US to non-US residents from 75%/25% to 50%/50%, isn’t it time for Linden Lab to start looking at the implications of having guns and other weapons in SL. Gun culture is a culture exclusive […]